The Name of the Game is Iteration: 10 years and counting

The past couple weeks I've been working on cleaning out my home office closet and re-organizing it. I have come across some excellent stuff while doing this. Including an envelope of stickers - mostly variously themed octocat stickers. Our 9 year old tried to claim the unicorn one - I said not a chance!... read more >

Working From Home + Homeschooling During COVID-19

I've seen many resources for working from home if you don't normally (not an issue for me), and plenty of resources for homeschooling your kid, but nothing about having both parents working full time while homeschooling your child(ren). The situation we are in for working from home now, is nothing close to what a normal work from home situation is, and keeping that in mind as you read this is important. We are all stressed to the max, and trying to be safe. Please be kind to each other, and remember that we're all doing our best to get through this.... read more >

Laravel + WordPress Part 2: The Laravel Part

Now that we have WordPress all set up, and secured, we can move on to setting up the Laravel portion of the process. ... read more >

Laravel + WordPress Part 1: Setting Up WordPress

When I discovered Laravel a few years ago, I was mainly a front-end dev professionally and buried in the millions of frameworks that seem to multiply every day. Another day, another framework that claimed to fix all your problems. Needless to say I was rather tired of it all, so when I learned that there was a framework for PHP - I was not exactly thrilled. But, I downloaded it anyway to test it out, because I'm a glutton for punishment -- why else would I be a developer?... read more >

Hire Me!

Hi! I'm Jenny Rasmussen, a front end developer with a PHP problem hailing from SE Michigan. I am currently a Software Engineer III at Intuit MailChimp. Learn more about me!