Trello Part 9,467,352

I have written a *lot* about my use of Trello. If you want to read about that to get the context, you can do that here, here, here, or here. Also here, and here.

Yeah. I write about how I use Trello a lot. I’d say sorry, but I’m really, really not.

So, anyway, I had a lot of boards. I have a very out of sight, out of mind mentality when it comes to my to do list(s), and unfortunately, I have many multiple to dos. Which was the point of the different boards, a board for each area I have things to take care of. But, I found that difficult to manage. I felt like I was constantly forgetting something, and it was very stressful.

It’s been months since I’ve started turning this over in my head, trying to come up with a solution that would make me happy. I wanted to be able to have an overview of all the areas that I have various things to take care of, as well as an easily sort-able representation of priority both in areas of work, and specific tasks.

I’m still noodling some of this out, but I also merged many boards into one. From a previous posts, you could see that I had seven boards. Well, since that post, I’ve added a couple more to handle various other projects. It had gotten so that I was having to actually star boards, and I was not a fan of having so many boards, in addition to trying to fix my OOSOOM problem.

The solution that I’ve come up with so far is that I have one “To Do” Board which consolidated four boards to one. It has eleven columns, which I know seems like a lot, but they are in priority order, with the column that has perma-cards on it all the way at the end, so it’s not taking up screen where I need to see other columns daily. Eventually I plan to remove that column by way of a script that will run once a week to create the cards I need weekly. It’s just (unfortunately) not a high priority right now.

These columns include things that I need to do to take care of my house, financial goals, things I need to do to take care of myself personally and professionally (and also includes my weekly to do card), then a column for each of the side projects I have, still in priority order. Between the end of the to do columns and the perma-card column, I have a column of recipes I want to try, mostly because I really didn’t know what else to do with it. Simply by the nature of how those cards are set up a single card with a checklist won’t help.

I also have the cards sorted in priority order, which sometimes includes a due date. I use labels to determine at a quick glance for what is in progress (green), and what is up next (yellow). Done is red, and that is simply so that if I archive off something that I didn’t *actually* do, but is no longer needed, I can differentiate, as I will change green to red then archive cards as I complete tasks.

In addition to the script I mentioned above, I plan to write another script based on labels, so that green will always be at the top, then yellow, then unlabeled. Another will archive any red labeled cards that I didn’t for whatever reason. The beauty of me being the only person to use this board and scripts is I can do whatever I want.

Which is a nice change from previous work I’ve done with the Trello API. I only mention this because as I was writing this, I was thinking about all the different ways this could go awry, auto-archiving – what if someone uses a red label for something besides done? Well, no one will, because I’m the only person. Silly brain.

There are definitely still tweaks to this system that I plan to make, and if I ever get to the point where I have time to whip up those scripts, I will be sure to write about them. So far though, I am really enjoying my big, beautiful Trello board. I am much more relaxed now that I only have five boards now (one that will hopefully be archived this winter, when we blow through some movies and shows), and that I don’t have a single board with the main Trello blue anymore. It was starting to drive me crazy.

Multi-colored and organized, FTW!

On the Move

Given that I started this blog to be a professional outlet for the code that I write, the experiences I have, etc, I have decided it’s time to move Code, Crafts, and Craic over to my professional site, It seems silly to have them link to each other, and have different identities, mushing them together just makes sense.

My next few posts will be cross-posted to both here, and (the subdomain won’t exist until tonight, don’t click on it, unless it’s like, the 23rd when you’re reading this). Although I will no longer be writing there as of 31 December 2015, I will maintain the name of the blog on NextJen.

Thanks for understanding and I will post when I have completed the transfer. I hope you will join me on this new chapter.