Trello Bytes2 – TV and Movies!


I use Trello. A lot. At work, at home, any possible way that I can use it, I do. And I preach (annoying, I know) the amazingness of Trello to everyone I meet. I have seven boards on my personal Trello account. Yes, you read that right. I have seven.

This is a short series of how I use Trello to over organize my life. Part 1.

A happy, and favorite, way that I am currently using Trello is to track all of the movies and TV shows that Clark and I have suggested to each other, that the other one needs to watch. We label based on what format we have to watch it in (DVD, bluray, Netflix, Google Play, etc), and members to indicate who owns it.

We’re both Trello fanatics, and it works out pretty well for us. Fortunately, we’ve yet to abandon any show or movie as a bad job.

**I was not asked to write or compensated in any way by Trello for this series. I just love Trello that. much.**

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